Ma famille

At 2:20 pm

Running time: 1h10
at 2:20 pm: from July 5 to 28 - No performance: July 9, 16, 23


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 Musical theatre

From 10 years old

French language
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24 rue Buffon
84000 - AVIGNON - Venue map

Seating Capacity: 88

  • Access to disabled
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bleachers
  • Benches


Carlos Liscano

Show resume

This is the story of a family, an ordinary family in an ordinary world, but where lots of questions arise: Is an odd face child more worthy than a cat? Is considering the sale of one's little sister (for a cinema ticket) less acceptable than selling one's annoying father?

This sober, witty, straightforward text evokes a somewhat normal family challenged by an outside world's norms. A family whose members laugh, drink, love, argue and question the notion of standards, choice, freedom or even the exercise of free will, all with the lightness and playfulness of a child.

The four comedians, musicians and singers with their instruments (violin, cello and accordion) and songs (From yiddish and tzigan world) lure us into a world where Madness lingers within reach and sensitive irony charms. Despite violence and melancholy, it nerver hurts.

Artists / Staff

  • Metteuse en scène : Ariane Dumont-Lewi
  • Interprète(s) : Fanny Balestro, Adrien Bernard-Brunel, Barbara Chaulet, Charlotte Christiaën, François Echassoux, Olivier Mettais-Cartier
  • Créateur lumière : Philippe Lagrue
  • Assistante : Lara Melchiori
  • Traductrice : Françoise Thanas

Bouquet de Chardons - Du théâtre avec du piquant

2-1077486 Signatory of the OFF convention
Éco-affichage AF&C

A quartet opens with a seemingly light-hearted theme alternating songs, music and prose text; this exceptional show will surely move you relentlessly. An ever surprising and original spectacle. (Froggy's Delight)

More than a powerful discovery. Ma Famille is a beguiling quartet blending cultures and musical genres. A new bright and vibrant theatrical jewel. Strong questions are approached with lightness and playfulness. A creative and homely cloud gorged with powerful, funny and happy emotion, a high-flying and well-inspired combination. ( La Critiquerie)

Diffusion: Benjamin Bac -DERVICHE DIFFUSION - 06 12 14 29 49 – -
Relations presse: ACE & CO: 06 60 96 84 82

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