Le raz de marée

At 7:20 pm

Running time: 1h35
at 7:20 pm: from July 5 to 25


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From 14 years old

French language
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2 bis, rue des écoles
84000 - Avignon - Venue map

Hall name: Manufacture CHÂTEAU de St Chamand
Seating Capacity: 95

  • Access to disabled
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bleachers

Premiere in Avignon

Show resume

The Flood is set at the sea. There is a house by the sea. Here lives an amorous couple, a man and a woman. They have nicely appointed their lives: a beautiful setting, time together, time for themselves. But, one morning, bodies have washed up on the beach, a few adults first, then a child.

He does what he can to continue his life as undisturbedly as possible. She becomes increasingly affected by what happened. While the loving couple used to be so good at being together in silence, their silence has now become an abyss of incomprehension. Maybe she could have saved the child - could have held it in her arms - she thinks, if only he had helped her? Or is she actually being cowardly, and is she blaming him as an excuse for her not having acted? Why doesn’t he say something?

The Flood is about our (in)ability to empathize with the other, about how we behave when something threatens our happiness, about the impact of the world on our private lives.

Artists / Staff

  • Mise en scène : Travail collectif
  • Interprète(s) : Clara van den Broek, Hera Hammenecker, Aurelie Weisbrich
  • Costumes : Barbara De Laere
  • Lumières, son & vidéo : Eric Engels
  • Choréographe : Randi De Vlieghe
  • Direction générale : Korneel Hamers
  • Traduction : Monique Nagielkopf

Cie SKaGeN

Signatory of the OFF convention

SKaGeN , supported by Villanella & DEStudio, the Flemisch Governement and Flanders Literature.

SKaGeN is a Antwerp based theatre company that has been producing highly successful plays in Flanders and the Netherlands since 2000, both on the art circuit and the more public-oriented festival circuit. Furthermore, the SKaGeN productions ‘Bigmouth’ and ‘Smallwar’ toured international in 19 countries worldwide, including the USA Honkong, China, New Sealand, Australia,... SKaGeN was formed by members of a class that graduated from the renowned Antwerp Conservatory, headed by a lion of Flemish theatre, Dora van der Groen, and the internationally acclaimed theatre and opera director Ivo Van Hove. The group has developed into one of the leading theatre companies of its generation. SKaGeN has built a tradition to adapt great novels, films and documentaries for theatre. SKaGeN is Valentijn Dhaenens, Korneel Hamers, Mathijs Scheepers and Clara van den Broek.

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