Le loup migrant

At 4:25 pm

Running time: 50min
at 4:25 pm: from July 5 to 15 - No performance: July 9


+33 (0)4 90 16 94 31

 Marionette / Theatre of object

From 6 to 96 years old

French language
  • Cardholder10 €
  • Full price15 €
  • Child (under 15s)10 €
  • Reduced (compagnies, chomaj) 5 €

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44, rue Thiers
84000 - Avignon - Venue map

Hall name: L'Atelier 44
Seating Capacity: 49

  • Access to disabled
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bleachers
  • Benches


Patrice Seiler

Premiere in Avignon

Show resume

The story of "The Migrant Wolf" is based on the work of the French writer and illustrator Patrice Seiler, creator of The Fabulous Adventures of Mr. Nostoc. In the last years, he was engaged in writing, youth album illustration, plastic arts, marionette theatre and animation. This modern fable talks about a wolf which remained alone in a disafforested, deserted place, constrained to emigrate, as he heard on TV. He grabs some of his stuff and an acorn as a souvenir, leaving his homeland in order to find some hope, a new life, a new forest, a new world. At the sea he meets a ferryman...

Artists / Staff

  • Metteur en scène : Radu Dinulescu
  • Interprète(s) : Constantinescu Ionut, Ungur Adina
  • Régie : Pamfiloiu Mihai

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