La ?? (mat1 ceon1) du Lion

At 9:15 pm

Running time: 1h
at 9:15 pm: from July 12 to 21 - No performance: July 15


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Visual showSurtitled in French language
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  • Full price16 €
  • Child (under 6s)11 €

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14, rue Plaisance - 16/18, rue Joseph Vernet
84000 - Avignon - Proche place Crillon - Venue map

Hall name: Salle 1 - "LAURETTE" - Grande salle
Seating Capacity: 100

  • Access to disabled
  • Air-conditioning
  • Bleachers
  • Benches

Premiere in Avignon

Show resume

What’s wrong with the Lion?

With the success of being ranked 16th among 1,480 programmes in Off D’Avignon 2017 and the popular response in 2018, we are coming back for the third year!

As a sequel to La Roche Du Lion from 2018, La 乜春 mat1 ceon1 du Lion (Que?…Le Lion…?) comes with all the questions Hongkongers have in mind. From under the colonial rule to the “homecoming” to a rich, powerful and estranged control freak motherland, the drastic changes in the lives of a group of common people, in the city under the Lion Rock, continue with full-on absurdity. Like in Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka), instead of feeling tied up with the limitations, new challenges and new rules at the beginning, how do we stop the nostalgia, find a way to move forward and “feel free”? Is it the hallucination of a group of lunatics? Dementia of one’s integrity? Or the modern-day exodus? This surrealist, vigorous, contemporary and humorous presentation is going to throw out all the questions and to give you an unforgettable theatre experience.

Full of movement and musical elements. Minimal in speech.

Artists / Staff

  • Metteur en scène : Ronald Tsz-Kit Lam
  • Interprète(s) : Ronald Tsz-Kit Lam, May Suk-Mei Yu, Joe Y.H. Lung, Bruce Hunnisett, Yuen On Ting, Kenneth Chin Hei Chiu
  • Producer : May Suk-Mei Yu, Ruby Colette Ko
  • Music Director : Joe Y.H. Lung
  • Multimedia Designer : Erica Yu
  • Tour Assistant : Sheeta Ng

Compagnie I AM Artist Management Limited
Coproduction: Cosmic Cultural Industries

Signatory of the OFF convention

I AM Artist Management Ltd.

Art plays an important role in promoting civilization and creativity. I Am Artist Management Ltd. was established in 2014. It is committed to bridging between arts and artists, and the society. With art as a medium, the company creates a channel weaving strangers like you and me, and guiding artists from different genres and countries through your region and walk into your lives. It is a project about making conversation with different cultures, via arts. Let artists define the society.

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