At 9 pm

Running time: 1h
at 9 pm: from July 5 to 9


+33 (0)6 34 43 29 72


From 6 years old

French language
  • Cardholder12.5 €
  • Full price18 €
  • Child (under 12s)12 €
  • Reduced (école cirque) 12 €
  • Young cardholder - july, 22 to 28 12 €

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353 chemin des Canotiers, Ile de la Barthelasse
84000 - Avignon - Venue map

Hall name: Chapiteau
Seating Capacity: 300

  • Access to disabled
  • Big top

Premiere in Avignon

Show resume

It’s happening again, they are going also for this thought.
It happens 60000 times per day, non stop.
Small molecules clashing, hugging each other, walking, playing, dancing: chemicals signals answering to stimulus, emotional neurotransmitters.
E M I S F E R O is their, our journey: a reaction evolving continuously , a tribute to human being and his incredibile mechanism, to everyday balance…to the circus of life.

Artists / Staff

  • Mise en scène : Petr Forman, Alessandro Maida
  • Chorégraphe : Roberto Olivan
  • Interprète(s) : Giulio Lanfranco, Davide De Bardi, Daniele Sorisi, Tiphaine Rochais, Elena Bosco, Lucas Elias
  • Musiciens : Achille Zoni, Veronica Canale, Antonio Petitto
  • Régisseur : François Neveu, GIorgio Benotto, Meron Celentano
  • Diffusion / Communication : Annalisa Bonvicini

Compagnie MagdaClan
Coproduction: Dinamico Festival
Coproduction: FLIC Scuola di Circo

MagdaClan is a contemporary circus company founded in Belgium in 2012. The idea was developed in Turin, where its original members met, between 2004 and 2010.

The company has created its own artistic language over the years, whose grammar is unrelated to any other existing or classical formula. The company has three big productions under it's belt (ERA: a sonnet for a clown, Extra_vagante, È un attimo) with a fourth one on the way.

The innovative artistic research and professionalism of the company's components, 16 people at present, are widely recognized by critics, event managers and the public. MagdaClan travels with its own chapiteau - a privileged space to realize their mission - where they produce shows, perform their own pieces, host events, hold workshops, and organize festivals. The most important of the later are "Fantasy Festival of Contemporary Circus" and "Mon Circo", both in the Monferrato area.

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