Bérénice 34-44

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French language
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56, rue du rempart Saint Lazare
84000 - Avignon - Venue map

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From Isabelle Stibbe

Show resume

1934. Bérénice Kapelouchnik is a Jewish teenager, passionate about theater. She eventually returned to the conservatory, then to the Comédie Française against the will of his father. But war breaks out, and all Jews must be expelled from Molière's house. During this dark period of the Occupation, we discover the transgressions and ambiguities of the French Comedy and its occupants: Jacques Copeau, Louis Jouvet ... In this alone on stage, we follow this actress devoured by her visceral passion for the theater, who prefers to deny his name, his identity, to stay on the boards rather than give in to the blackmail of the Vichy regime, until the day when it will be denounced, then expelled in turn from the House of Molière. From that moment, historical tragedy transcends theatrical tragedy. Berenice, deprived of the boards, finds himself face to face with his own tragedy, his own tragedy.
Eligible show at les p'tits Molière Avignon 2019
Note of intent by Pierre-Olivier Scotto:
I discovered the novel by Isabelle Stibbe "Bérénice 34-44" published by Serge Safran on its release. The reviews were excellent, unanimous and the theme spoke to me from the outset: the story of an actress of the Comédie Française from 1934 to 1944. Having been a resident of the Comédie Française for five years, I know the House well and I wanted to know what had happened in the House of Molière during the troubled times of the occupation of France by the Germans in 1940. I was shocked by the story of this heroine, Bérénice, Jewish by birth and of culture, which, out of love for the theater, had been extracted from his modest family environment, from his father's sewing workshop, which Jean-Claude Grumberg so aptly describes. This Berenice, by dint of effort, work and a lot of daring, became a member of the Comédie Française. Even if Isabelle Stibbe wrote a fiction, everything is true in her novel with historical and pedagogical vocation.
My staging goal was clear from the start: simplicity, clarity, emotion. I wanted that from the first minutes, the public identifies with the character Berenice, which is not necessarily obvious, because Berenice is not always friendly: it can be ambitious, even selfish, but it is also which makes it fascinating. As the piece progresses, one quickly realizes the greatness of the character and his humanity.

Artists / Staff

  • Metteur en scène : Pierre-Olivier SCOTTO
  • Interprète(s) : Violette ERHART
  • Diffusion : Silvestre 06 7967 4044

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